Friday, 16 December 2011


Ameram Ltd is proud to have completed the installation of our Aeromixer system in a 33.3m.dia. x 8.4m.high digestate tank at Harper Adams Universiry College.  The digestate is one of the by-products of the anaerobic digester biogas plant which will generate heat and power from farm and food waste.
To enable over 8m. depth of sludge to be mixed effectively we have used a hook-and-claw type compressor unit, which is capable of delivering up to 100m3 air, at up to 1.4 bar pressure, with very low noise levels. Using the Ameram patented air-driven rotary distribution valve system with a hook-and-claw compressor unit, and blowing not more than 4 air outlets at a time, the Aeromixer system keeps over 6,000m3 digestate well mixed using just 32kW per day.
Early in the New Year a covering of Aerocover will be applied to the digestate tank.  The Aerocover was chosen by Harper Adams to prevent odour and ammonia emissions.