Saturday, 14 January 2012


Many farmers on Orkney are becoming aware that installing an Ameram Aeromixer system in their slatted cellars will solve the problems which many encountered when mixing and emptying their slurry stores.

Since 2004 Ameram Ltd has supplied 15 Aeromixer systems for installation in slatted cellars on Orkney and the islands.

One satisfied customer, Mr. Richard Jarvis of Westray, reports that having done extensive research on the Internet, regarding mixing the slurry in his new slatted cellar, he discovered the Ameram Aeromixer system which would mix the slurry safely and provide him with a product that was ready to spread without the need for extensive and costly prior mixing.

Richard Jarvis reports that the installation was completed by himself, with the aid of an illustrated installers' manual and a few phone calls to Ameram for advice, and was a relatively simple and smooth process

He states that Ameram Ltd. were very helpful in sorting out any teething problems that occurred, such as caused by the 'uneven' electrical supply.  This necessitated the use of a different control unit which, once installed, solved the problem.

Richard says "The Ameram Aeromixer certainly does 'what it says on the tin' and I have already introduced several Orcadian farmers to the system.